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01 Sequel Lyrics Cam - Guitars/Vocals Ben - Guitars/Vocals
02 Remote Controller Lyrics Grant - Bass/Vocals Ross - Drums
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05 Fragile Happiness Lyrics Release Date Region Label
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07 You Say Lyrics February 1998 Australia Shagpile (CD)
08 Return To Zero Lyrics April 1998 Europe Burning Heart (CD)
09 Big Fungoo Lyrics Unknown Japan Victor (CD)
10 Letter Never Sent Lyrics December 15, 2011 Australia Pile of Sand (LP)
11 Hideaway Lyrics April 25, 2012 Australia Pile of Sand (CD)
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- Produced by Jim Monroe
- Mixed at the Blasting Room, Fort Collins, Colorado by Bill Stevenson & Stephen Egerton
- Recorded at Morin Heights, Montreal, Canada

The first 5,000 copies of the Australian CD issue were released as a double CD with a limited edition bonus disc containing the following previously released tracks:

Negative Man (Gee And Al/Do Not Do EP)
A Hazy Shade Of Winter (Gee And Al/Do Not Do EP)
Futile ( Glossy Books Single)
Discouraging Lie (Don't Tell Me Single)
Vaughn (Don't Tell Me Single)
Say 2 Much (Time To Grow Up Single)
Deceive (Time To Grow Up Single)
Kitchen Knife (Time To Grow Up Single)
Stab (Time To Grow Up Single)

The Japanese release contains 2 bonus tracks - - both previously released in Australia.

LP First Pressing Numbers: 104 on Classic Black 150g vinyl, 200 on "No Touch" Red Opaque 140g vinyl
LP Second Pressing Numbers: 100 on "No Touch" Red Translucent 140g vinyl

Currently available Pile of Sand issue:

- Contains the original album and includes seven bonus tracks. All tracks 12 album tracks and the seven bonus tracks have been remastered.

- Bonus Tracks: Your Racist Friend, Clout, Alone At Last, Bitter, View, Dependency, Walk Away

- The artwork closely reproduces the orignal pressing.



First Issue
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Shagpile - Australia
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Burning Heart - Europe
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Victor - Japan

Current Issue

Pile of Sand- Australia


Pile of Sand - Australia

Pile of Sand - Australia

Pile of Sand - Australia


How can you think you have the right in using her without consent?
Does stating this surprise you?
Did you think about the consequences?
Mentality, it is low, it is low

One thing he knows for sure, she hits the floor... again

Seemed like a good idea, date a fellow student in his class
thought he'd be cool and not cold
he pinned her on the floor, the rest is left unsaid

In fear she keeps it inside, disturbed by his gross act, no pride
Isolate me I can't hide. Erase his being in mind

Remote Controller

Sorry I've got things to do and say
I've listened long enough today
I'll keep my things in my control
but there's information you withhold
and I've heard everything you said about tradition
And everything they say to you, it must be true, to you

And you can keep your good intentions
you can have your point of view
and I will listen very closely
just don't try and change mine

Who controls everything I see
what I know you dictate to me
I'll change the station and the way
I see things told to me in rays

and you can keep your information
you can have your point of view
and I will listen very closely
Just don't try and change my mind

Who controls everything I see
What I know you dictate to me


Days go fast and you don't change
I often wonder where you're going
Stuck onto your own sick ways
fixated to a world dissolving
I've said everything I had to say
you'll find your way not to exist

Aspiration washed away
from that liquid form in your hand
I don't care what the fuck you do
I don't care where the fuck you're going

I've said everything I had to say...
your life style's changin'
your life is in your hands!

You've Taken Everything

Wastin' time, just hopin' everything will go my way
plans for makin' everything OK
I define, systems black and white as what we have
and everything I've done is coloured grey

You've taken everything, and left me here with nothing
And I told you everything, and you left me here with nothin'
With nothin'

Wait in line, just letting my self-anger redesign
damned to be misunderstood again
as I decide to represent myself, but on your terms
Like giving you the gun to shoot me down

You've taken everything
I owe you everything
one day of judgement

Fragile Happiness

Here today and on my way, it's time to make it all OK
You left me here, I couldn't see solutions were in front of me
With this fragile happiness, I'll start over today

I won't leave you here to suffer
it's not for everyone I'd rather suffer for instead
Now that I have blown that cover, I have been suffering if you're not suffering instead

Pain and observation meet, reality's an easy street
Alone is not so hard to be, she's gone, Just gone away from me

There's no reason why you can't be happy with the things you have
There's no reason why you need me now
Just have to learn to be alone.

I Can't Help You

A look of judgement cast aside, as I make conversation
He looks at me as if to say I'll talk to you but we don't deal with your kind
A place to live is hard to find
I will not be a victim of your narrow minded view
and with my own devices I have ways not known to you

Solemn angry face from everyone who's in this place
A rental sheet is not complete without that look of disapproval too
I might be moving in with you

I can't help you with your...

You Say

You say you live your life so perfectly
how can I begin to see a shade of human life?
You see a person's stance so crucially
Criteria for you and me and hate them just the same

You say, you say
But it's all come to fall
You say, you say
But it's all come to fall

You say you live a life of poverty
that you partake of willingly he knows who pays for you

Everything I said might not be true
but it's the only way you'll let me think of you

Return To Zero

Machines are rolling once again, it's time to meet your new best friend
He's in your face and in your pocket don't take your eyes off him
Is he someone you long to be? Identities are altered for you
Never see what it's really like if it's ugly deep inside
consumer life, consumes a life to

hit zero once again and follow life the way it's meant to be
There must be something more in store for me
We can't be forced to see
Hit zero once again without the thoughts of someone else to blend
There must be something more cuz I am bored
We can't be forced to feed

He's got a book to sell you too, a self made icon sold to you
He's representing everything I wish had not existed
But somebody else might come and be the one, the one to follow
There's something I've known, I've seen this, herd mentality creates
the fuel to run machines forever

And I have been the worst of both extremes
Self thoughts could be impossible it seems

Big Fungoo

When no one's telling you what to say, or how to feel
You're stayin' true to yourself, honesty is real
Well I know I've heard, I've tried, you know nothing at all
I've taken pressure from my peers, I've taken falls

when life's so complicated

Too late, too late to follow, why don't you walk away

Well I couldn't help but feel, the walls were comin' down
Felt so deluded with illusions to myself
I had to follow for I knew not what to do
When will you realise you're the one you're lying to

Letter Never Sent

I know you don't think too often about our ways, now I can see what's up
taking time from our hands, do you know how you stand?
Changed our views, hoping we can pull through, still I need to know what we need to satisfy
It's not like friends to ever say goodbye

This letter never sent, is all I have, is all I need to say
this letter never sent, it represents, one thought of sense today

It's said a young heart never mends, I'll dispute it, shits hit more than once
do I see through blind eyes, can you ace that disguise
Don't presume I have regret, I'm glad we met, cos now I know what we have isn't wrong or right,
we can't change that, I've realised this tonight

This letter never sent...
I've been hoping for some way to tell you and...
I've got letters in my head not sent too
Last chance to tell you
Can't think up the words to write to you


Had this in your mind so long, it's time you let your feelings show
Are you afraid of what they say, those old cliches

Could not tell your truth from fact, keep this poison pen intact
you just don't know what lurks inside.

Now there's wreckage everywhere, the pieces of your own despair
the things you try to hide away will turn it's back on you again one day
Excommunicate yourself, from every thought of reason
Refuse to justify the opposition is yourself, only yourself

When I try to speak, words I might not mean could leak with everything I want to say
I can act in line, but lie to myself every time with everything I want to say

Let 'Em Loose
(Uncle Costa & the Scumbags)

I left MTL and my babe behind
this is anarchy one more time
5 Aussies and a Greek in the van
travelled across the world to drive across this land

Let 'em loose, let 'em loose
Start her up and hit the juice
hope to God we don't hit a fuckin' moose

Endless highway and cigarette butts
bloodshot eyes, empty coffee cups
Been driving for a thousand kliks
and now I'm getting pulled over by the pigs again (Fuck)

Feel the tension in the van
Unless you've done it you'd never understand
gotta make it to the next show
sleep deprivation overload

anal vapours, smelly socks
sleeping on a pizza box

Wasted in a bar, Vancouver B.C.
Swilling back the brews, reflecting on the journey
It was long and hard and that's a bloody fact
only problem now is I gotta drive back. Fuck.

(lyrics by Uncle Costa)