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01 Do Not Do Lyrics Cam - Guitars/Vocals Ben - Guitars/Vocals
02 Time To Grow Up Lyrics Grant - Bass/Vocals Charles - Drums
03 Gee and Al Lyrics    
04 So Easy Lyrics      
05 Nothing's Clear Lyrics Release Date Region Label
06 Joker Lyrics      
07 2 Many Times Lyrics September 1994 Australia Shagpile
08 Double Standard Lyrics   USA Shock US
09 Punk Ass Lyrics September 1995 Japan Real Cool
10 Hardway Lyrics December 1996 Europe Burning Heart
11 Parking Space Lyrics 10/7 or 7/10 1997 Australia Shagpile (Re-Issue)
      April 25, 2012 Australia Pile of Sand


- Produced and Engineered by Bill Stevenson & Stephen Egerton
- Mastered by John Ruberto
- Recorded at Sing Sing Studios, Richmond, Vic, March 1994

The back cover of the booklet insert on the original pressing displayed a photo of the band, including Charles. The Japanese, European and Australian Re-Issue all include a photo of the band with Ross.

Joker, which originally appears on the Helium album You Can't Hold Me Down, was re-recorded for this album and does appear, however it is not listed on the first pressing artwork.

The artwork (both front and back) for the Real Cool Japanese release was changed to the jars in the fridge, which was then also used for the Burning Heart European issue and Shagpile re-issues in Australia.

The Real Cool release contains 4 bonus tracks - Say 2 Much, Kitchen Knife, Stab, and Deceive - all of which were previously released in Australia on the Time To Grow Up EP.

Currently available Pile of Sand issue:

- Contains the original album and includes six bonus tracks. All tracks 11 album tracks and the six bonus tracks have been remastered.

- Bonus Tracks: Say 2 Much, Kitchen Knife, Stab, Deceive, Negative Man, A Hazy Shade of Winter

- The artwork closely reproduces the orignal pressing, and reinstates the baby in the jar cover art (front and back). The booklet includes lyrics to all album tracks including Joker (for the first time).



First Issue

Shagpile - Australia

Shock - USA

Second Issue

Real Cool - Japan

Burning Heart - Europe

Shagpile - Australia

Shagpile - Australia

Current Issue

Pile of Sand - Australia

Do Not Do

If you could help me find a way
Then I would find a way, yeah
If there's an answer then I'm
Sure I'll know it too
Not just you

The days are long and now I need
Someone to see
Then tell me

Don't get me wrong
Don't get me right
Don't get me through
Don't need to

Do not do, do not do
Do not do, what she tells you to

Time To Grow Up

The people I know have heard so many things
But things just ain't the same no more
Can't decide if I should do the same

So when you left we all asked why
I tried to see the lighter side
Of what we're doing with our lives today

It's not the time to grow up anyway
Time to grow up

I never thought that you would be the first
The words could never be reversed
Got your job and now you're on your way

So I'm wasting all my time
Just being here from day to day
Got no need to leave until I'm done

Gee and Al

You say the same thing everytime
And I can't figure out just why
I can't feel this way
I Don't need to

Am I blind 'cause I can't see
The reason you and I should be
I don't know what to say
Words might never come your way

Because everything you do for me
I would never do for you
I can't tell you why
'Cause if I try I'd lie to you
My one track mind, you're too kind

Can't think of feelings I should show
For what reason I don't know
These things are hard to say
You know they'll end up complicated

Because everything you do for me
I would never do for you

I can feel you wasting my time
I can see you trying to read my mind

So many things you could know
Well just forget it, just forget it
I should go

I feel you wasting my time
If I tried I'd lie to you
Always say the same things

So Easy

When I look right into the future
When I look back at my past
It makes me want to seize the moments
I find in today

'Cause things used to be so certain
But now I'm not so sure
And there was golden opportunities
Knocking at your door

Well it used to be so easy
To say the things I said
When I wanted you to hear me out
You closed your mind instead

Yesterday I had the chance
I gave them all away
I'll never get those chances back
I regret that day

But I'll take the opportunities
And hope that things work out
At least I know I tried so hard

Nothing's Clear

I'm still cruisin' my brain is sore
Time is willing, it's out the door
There's no correction, no female sport
It's locking up inside of my mind 'cause

Nothing's clear anymore

There's no corruption, no train of thought
Not even willing until I'm caught
It's like a judge and jury being bought
By someone on the opposite side but

Nothing's clear anymore

Take a look inside
Before you swallow your pride
Take a look inside
Take a good look inside

Stop and think about what you do
Try to understand


I was always the smart one
Back-chatting and lying
I was always left locked in but
I'd still get away

Through bars of iron
And steel
They would try to hold me down but
I'd still get away

I'm joking, they just can't see
I just want everything
But jokes won't make them go away

Would they show me if I couldn't run?
Could they know me if I didn't come?
Would they try to put me down
Because I disobeyed

My way of getting through
Just seems to get to you
They'll never see it my way
How could they think that I would stay

2 Many Times

What group are you supposed to be in
You need a direction, a fashion, a change
Try and show everyone you're different
You give me your reasons then still stay the same
You've been in this scene for as long as me
Just say fuck to your peers
And say what you mean

I can't believe that you just stand there
And say all the things that you've said before
Put on an act and all your friends will make believe
You won't open your eyes it's so hard to perceive

It's not fair you had to wait in line
You'll have to pay 2 times
When you're wrong you'll find

It's been 2 many times too many
It's been 2 many times today

Reason, don't need a reason
Meaning, you need a meaning

Double Standard

We came to see you yesterday
Your car was gone but that's OK
We thought that she might bring you back in time
But I don't know

I can't figure it out and I don't understand
You haven't got room and you don't give a damn
You're cutting us out, you don't need anyone
We thought that you might have needed someone

Did you ever realise we were your friends
Aah I never needed you to say goodbye
For some reason I feel like making amends with you
And I will try to tell you one more time

What can I say, what can i try
But I already worked out why
You're all alone too scared to leave,
You cut us out

I can't say any lies, I can't give anymore
And this has happened twice before
Just open your eyes, you can't do it again
I know that you will, It'll hurt the same way

I know you need it but it hurts too much to try
You need a reason, you're too blind to know what's right

Now that you've gone, we'll talk someday
I know that you'll be the same one day
Your painted lies, your false disguise
Your double standards

Punk Ass

Demands on you, and what you're apt to do
They dwell inside, then leave you on the outside
As aggression
Do you need attention?
Do you need attention?

This situation is not what it seems
This situation will soon be at ease
This situation will leave you if you let it

It counts on you, to get what you can achieve
And you can strive, It'll leave you on the outside
As aggression
Do you need attention?
Do you need attention?

This situation


There's a place in my mind
Where I leave it all behind
A place I store the fools
That have put me down before

There's a place in my mind
Where these fools are locked behind a door
You know I'll never let them out
'Till they recognise that

One day I'll be gone
You'll be there and I'll be gone
You won't know what I'm looking on
You'll be there and I'll be gone

Young lady think about the past
And how you've done me wrong
And how you've done me wrong
Before this time

Young lady think about your friends
And not yourself next time
If you get the chance
Another time

Now you're all full grown
I've left you all alone
Are you happy? Did you want it?
Did you need it? You can have it!

Parking Space

I can't find the answers
To all those stupid questions
That landed onto me today

Why should they care what I say
They'll never stop to wonder
To think about the day I leave

They say

I never thought I'd see you leaving
Now I'm glad that you're gone
My parking space is taken
And someone else is driving my car

I can't escape the pictures
Hangin' up in my head
I thought that they would stay away

There's things that didn't matter
That killed us on the inside
And left us right between those lines

They say

I never thought I'd see you leavin'
Now I'm glad that you're gone
My parking space is taken
And someone else is driving my car